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Luxury Home Builder in Northern VA

Blue Ocean Development

Buying a new luxury home is one of the most important decisions a family will make, and there are many factors to consider - location, school districts, commuter access, and, of course, amenities. But the most important decision of all is this: who can we trust to plan and build the home we dream about?

At Blue Ocean Development, we aim to answer that most important question, earning your trust with innovative techniques, attention to detail, and decades of expertise in new home construction. It’s our privilege and particular talent to help you make your specific tastes a reality in every detail - contemporary or traditional, spare or lavish.

Do you have a lot in Northern VA? Select us as your new home builder. The luxury homes we build are setting a new standard for energy-efficient smart homes. We’d be proud to work with you!

Best Built Homes in Northern Virginia

new home builder in virginia

New Home Builder Northern Virginia

As a luxury home builder, we are responsible for building the best possible home for a family. Exquisite style, professional construction, and energy efficiency are all factors that separate us from the typical new home builder in Northern Virginia.
new luxury homes in Northern Virginia

Energy Star Certified Homes

Energy efficiency is generally one of the most overlooked factors when consumers buy a home from a builder - we make environmental concerns a focus.

Innovative Architectural Home Builder

Our new homes are the highest quality construction and design in Northern Virginia, engineered for the modern family, to be both environmentally responsible and luxurious.

Tech-enabled New Home Builder.

Our new home building technique is based on component based building practices. Our homes are designed and built under strict standards that ensure you get the best quality and less builder waste.

We Build Smarter Homes!

Luxury home builder in Northern VA

We build smarter homes. Our success is knowledge and reputation for high-quality as a new home builder in Northern Virginia. If you have a build-able lot, we will build a home on your lot with your design!

Architectural Services in Northern VA

Our new homes are the highest quality construction and design in Northern Virginia, engineered for the modern family, to be both environmentally responsible and luxurious.

Energy Star certified New Home Builder

Energy efficiency is one of the most overlooked requirements when building a new home. Our new home design has the lowest energy cost per square foot through our use of innovative construction materials.

Quality Building Materials

We build our homes with materials that are of the best quality. From next-generation appliances, ultra-efficient HVAC and smart tech to industry-leading panelized building systems - we have you covered.

About Blue Ocean Development

To give the best - You have to be the best home builder!
Blue Ocean Development builds the best new luxury homes in Northern Virginia. Our expertise is rooted in sixty years of combined construction management, design-build, innovation, and sustainable construction development. This allows us to deliver a gorgeous product, while producing the most energy efficient homes per square foot in the region.

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Are you a new home buyer seeking a new luxury home in Northern Virginia? We have new home lots available in Northern Virginia.

Are You a Developer - Builder in VA?

We work with developers and new home builders in Northern VA for custom home solutions and construction management services.

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Do you have a build-able lot in Northern Virginia? We provided complete construction services to design and build a house on your lot!